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About us

At MRM, we offer something different and pride ourselves on providing a first class service at a great price. Customer care is our priority. We recognise that every customer is different, so we provide a fully tailored service.

MRM innovation pvt ltd  is a specialized bunch of tech enthusiasts, a team of Young experineeced professionals in the industry, who are skilled and get your work done to the perfection. We provide solutions with great quality equipment. our experts analyse the requirement and provide matching solutions. The reason we formed the company was to see a change for the better and ensure that each customer received the quality service and product they deserve.

MRM Innovations Pvt. Ltd. is the leading solution provider in the field of Security Surveillance solutions and Information Technology in Bangalore, India. our core expertise include CCTV and Home automation, Mobile,Laptop Repair and IT Infrastructure solutions.



MRM has been providing professional services in CCTV surveillance systems, Security systems Company whose goal is to maximize employee productivity by creating stability and manageability in your surveillance systems from the ground up. A company of honest individuals who believe extra ordinary outcomes are the result of uncommon and inquisitive thinking and open collaboration. We are a company of many individuals, always operating as a single global company. We are dealing with most of the brands and does cctv testing with different level and devices.we make the benefits to our customers to choose the best device. Mostly we suggest the Quality CCTV device that suits cusomters cctv budget.This makes the Cusomter satisfied using our help to their security needs.

CCTV Camera Solution   

 Access control

Gate Automation

Alarm Systems for Office

EPABX Systems

Motions Based Lights

Video Door Phone

Door Lock Systems


Home Automation is automating the control of your home so it works for you, adding convenience and making your life easier, even while saving energy! It can be as basic as dimming lights with a remote control or as complex as setting up a network of items in your home (such as a thermostat, security system, lighting and appliances) that can be programmed using a main controller or even your cell phone from anywhere in the world!. MRM's Smart Home Solutions are designed to be reliable, robust, flexible and long lasting and at the same time affordable and reasonable for home owners. MRM's Total Home Automation Solutions for the elderly and disabled can provide increased quality of life besides adding significant long-term value to your property. MRM's Home Automation or Smart Home Solution - a complete, fully-integrated solution includes all the three aspects, namely - Safety & Security | Lighting & Appliance Automation | Home Theatre & Entertainment.

Lighting & Scenes Control

Make the home respond to your need. HomeAutomat allows you to create the lighting or scenes based on the mood. HomeAutomat provides you Lightings, Weather, Music… that welcomes you, says Good Night, Serene Atmosphere, Rocks you or the one that you need.

Climate & HVAC Control

A/C can adjust the temperature based on the room condition or based on the current weather. Save Energy by automatically closing or opening the curtain & blinds based on hot or cold weather.

Audio Or Music control

Total control of the music for the whole family. You can listen to the music that interests you, whereas the kids and parents can enjoy their Song/Music! HomeAutomat provides option for single source music or choice of music that can be played in the selected rooms or

Security & Surveillance control

HomeAutomate allows you to create the Home atmosphere as if you stay in home while you are actually out on a Vacation. The Video Surveillance System allows you to have a watch as you desire.

the whole 



During the initial survey, we strive to obtain a comprehensive level of understanding of your security needs. We plan and design your customized  plan with the details in mind. We assign competent technicians and project managers who will expertly install your systems. Taking these steps with ensure that you are both satisfied with the end product and that the system will work the way it was intended.


When we are finished installing your system we hold training sessions for key people who will be using the system. We believe that your knowledge of the system will virtually eliminate end user issues.


When you call us, you speak to a person not a voicemail or telephone menus. Most people’s experience with technical support and customer service numbers comes from companies who may provide poor customer service. We strive to be different, when you call MRM Professionals, you will immediately get through to one of our employees and you will find us willing and able to resolve your problem.


If you are in need of a service call, our goal is to provide the quickest response time to meet and exceed your expectations.

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