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Incredible 2 year onsite FREE Service on All Installations!

*on selected CCTV kits

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Cash on installation

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upto 2 Year Free onsite Service

About MRM

MRM innovation pvt ltd  is a specialized bunch of tech enthusiasts, a team of young experineeced professionals in the industry, who are skilled and get your work done to the perfection. We provide solutions with great quality equipment. our experts analyse the requirement and provide matching solutions.

The reason we formed the company was to see a change for the better and ensure that each customer received the quality service and product they deserve.

MRM Innovations Pvt. Ltd. is the leading solution provider in the field of Security Surveillance solutions and Information Technology in Bangalore, India. our core expertise include CCTV and Home automation, Mobile,Laptop Repair and IT Infrastructure solutions.

Our Service

Holiday Deals

Up to
30% off

on Selected CCTV Kits

Security Camera

We Repair

Specialized in Mac, Iphone 


Smart phone and Laptop

Our Happy Clients

"Quick and neat job done. Came on time for work and finished the project on time. Really nice people to work with. Always ready to help even after everything was over. It’s been one year now and we’ve had no issues with the setup. Would highly recommend them."
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Our Services

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CCTV Dealers in Bangalore
CCTV camera systems in bangaloreWireless CCTV cameras in Bangalore
Outdoor CCTV cameras in Bangalore
Indoor CCTV cameras in Bangalore
High definition CCTV  in Bangalore
Night vision CCTV cameras in Bangalore
PTZ CCTV cameras in Bangalore
Dome CCTV cameras in Bangalore
Bullet CCTV cameras in Bangalore
360-degree CCTV cameras in Bangalore
Network CCTV cameras in Bangalore
IP CCTV cameras in Bangalore
Analog CCTV cameras in Bangalore
​Hybrid CCTV cameras in Bangalore
Smart CCTV camerasin Bangalore

Computer networking services in Bangalore
Network design and implementation in Bangalore
LAN/WAN setup and configuration in Bangalore
Router and switch installations in Bangalore
Firewall installations and configurations in Bangalore
VPN setup and configurations in Bangalore
Wireless networking installations in Bangalore
CCTV installation services in Bangalore
CCTV camera dealers in Bangalore
CCTV system integrators in Bangalore
Security camera installers in Bangalore
Video surveillance solutions in Bangalore
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CCTV system maintenance services in Bangalore
CCTV repair and maintenance in Bangalore
Security system installations in Bangalore
Access control systems in Bangalore
Burglar alarm installations in Bangalore
IP camera installations in Bangalore
Wireless security camera systems in Bangalore
Home security system installations. in Bangalore
Fire alarm installations in Bangalore

Fire detection and warning systems in Bangalore

Smoke detectors and alarms in Bangalore

Heat detectors and alarms in Bangalore

Fire sprinkler systems in Bangalore

Fire suppression systems in Bangalore
​Fire extinguisher installations in Bangalor

Biometric attendance systems in Bangalore
Time and attendance solutions in Bangalore
Fingerprint attendance systems in Bangalore
Facial recognition attendance systems in Bangalore
Iris recognition attendance systems in Bangalore
Palm recognition attendance systems in Bangalore
Biometric access control systems in Bangalore
Employee attendance tracking in Bangalore
Attendance management software in Bangalore
Real-time attendance monitoring in Bangalore
Shift scheduling and management in Bangalore
Home automation systems in Bangalore
Smart home solutions in Bangalore
Home lighting control systems in Bangalore
Home security systems in Bangalore
Energy management solutions in Bangalore
HVAC control systems in Bangalore
Home entertainment systems in Bangalore
Voice-activated assistants in Bangalore
Smart thermostats in Bangalore
Automated blinds and shades in Bangalore
Remote access control systems in Bangalore
Home surveillance systems in Bangalore
Smart locks and access control in Bangalore
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